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Zuku customer care should learn from KPLC customer care

I have been using zuku internet for a while now and I happen to like their services but their customer care, they really need to do something about it if they are planning to increase the number of their clients

I was working on my laptop Saturday morning then all of a sudden the internet is not connecting anymore. Using the only zuku customer care number I know, I decide to call customer care to know what is happening. I try calling for an hour but the call does not go through. The line is busy Using my phone I try to look for other zuku customer care numbers online but I get nothing, just the same number I have Seriously Zuku You can do better than that. Well, I try calling again, this time, the line goes through, I wait patiently as am put on hold for 10 minutes. This goes on till midnight and my phone reminds me I need to top up my account, Ksh 100 gone and I haven’t talked to anyone

On Sunday the same process continues, my credit running out and still no luck of knowing what is happening.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I finally manage to get in touch with one of the customer care agents, and all he tells me is one of their cables is down and the entire zuku net isn’t working and I have to wait for 48hrs.

Then am left to wonder, why zuku can’t do what KPLC does. If you are experiencing a technical problem, which is normal, let your customers know Send messages to them, you can ask KPLC how they do that because they always do it.

Being in the service industry, you shouldn’t only worry about the services you provide but also how you relate with your customers.

Anyway, am currently looking for another efficient internet provider and wish zuku would do something about their customer service if they do not want to lose all their clients.

Posted by: dorcas wanza on 27 February 2012

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