Vihiga County, Kenya

Category: Counties in Kenya
Constituencies: Vihiga, Sabatia, Hamisi, Emuhaya, Luanda
Major Towns: Vihiga town (capital), Mbale town
Main Features: : The Equator, vast tea plantations, largest Quaker denomination community in Kenya.
Population: 554,652

Key points about this information item Vihiga County, Kenya



Vihiga County is an administrative county in the western part of Kenya. Its neighbouring counties include; Kakamega county to the North, Kisumu County to the South, Nandi County to the East and Siaya County to the South-west. The most dominant community there is the Luhya community but the Kikuyu, Kisii and Luo people are also found in that area.

Vihiga County has got large tea plantations and is one of the most densely populated rural areas in Kenya. Quarrying for construction materials and dairy farming are also widely practiced activities in Vihiga County. The people of Luhya community living in Vihiga call themselves the Maragoli people and the name is also an alias for Vihiga town.


Vihiga County is dotted with  scenic rocks and hills. From Shamakhokho the road in Hamisi through Gisambai and Majengo passes through scenic hills and valleys  and tea plantations.



Economic Activities in Vihiga County:

•             Agriculture (tea farming as the main cash crop),millet, cassava

•             Dairy farming

•             Quarrying

Banks in Vihiga County

•             Kenya Commercial Bank

•             Barclays Bank

•             Equity Bank

•             Post Bank

•             Teachers SACCO Society

Universities/colleges in Vihiga County:

•             Vihiga Secretarial College

Hospitals in Vihiga County:

•             Vihiga District Hospital

Attractions in Vihiga County:



Vihiga town is accessible by road between Kisumu and Kakamega, and only 5 km north of the Equator. The town bears the same name as the county.


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