West Pokot County, Kenya

Category: Counties in Kenya
Area: 9,169.4 Km 2
Constituencies: Kapenguri, Sigor, Kacheliba, Poko South
Major Towns: Kapenguria
Main Features: Turkwel Hydro Power Plant
Population: 512,690

Key points about this information item West Pokot County, Kenya



West Pokot County lies in Rift Valley province of Kenya. It borders Turkana County to the North, Baringo to the East, Elgeyo Markwet and Trans Nzoia to to the South, and the Republic of Uganda to the West.


The county is home to mainly the Pokot people. The dominant community that is found there is the Kalenjin speaking people. The residents of West Pokot are herders an also practice mixed farming.


Kapenguria is the capital town of the county and a lot of trade goes on there. This is enhanced by the many visitors who frequent the nearby Saiwa Swamp National Park.


West Pokot is a beautiful land rich in pyrethrum, potatoes, mangoes and merino sheep.


West Pokot County has bountiful resources in minerals such as gemstones, coal, rubies, gold and titanium. These are however not exploited commercially as small scale activities operate within the area with unlicensed businesses.


The boost to West Pokot is peace that has enabled the diary industry to flourish with companies such as Brookside buying milk from the farmers. Cattle rustling have however continued to challenge the area and disrupt farming activities.



Attractions in West Pokot

Economic Activities in West Pokot

  • Livestock keeping.
  • Small-scale farming.

Universities / Colleges in West Pokot

  • Mercy Vocational Training Centre.

Banks in West Pokot

  • Kenya Commercial Bank.
  • Equity bank-Lodwar.

Hotels in West Pokot

  • Salama hotel
  • Elgonnia springs hotel
  • Samtowo hotel
  • New Savannah inn


The county is accessible through a road network. The nearest airport to the county is Kitale Airport in Kakamega County.

Unique features in West Pokot

One of Kenya’s main power sources, Turkwel hydro power plant, is found in West Pokot County. This plant produces about 105MW of power that feeds the national grid. The people of West Pokot also enjoy the benefit of power coming from the plant.

Another feature of note is that one of the many renowned female athletes, Tegla Loroupe is from this county. The famous athlete has founded the Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy that takes care of orphans from the tribal wars that hit the area earlier on in that county.


Kapenguria town is also famous because of the prison Museum where the first President of Kenya, honourable president Jomo Kenyatta, was detained during the colonial era of the country.


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