The Kenya Budget 2012/2013 Presented by Njeru Githae

14 June 2012



Finance minister Robinson Njeru Githae presented the 2012/2013 budget for Kes 1.4 trillion with a theme of deepening the Kenya economic and social development within a devolved government. This is a rise from Kes 1.15 trillion budgets for 2011/2012 financial year.



Revenue collection is to be enhanced by bringing to the tax net those Kenyans that are not being taxed. This will be landlords collecting rents and government / state officers. KRA will map out residential areas in order to facilitate tax collection on rent.


Duty Exceptions

Duty exempted items are the digital set boxes, imported software for ICT and telecommunication sector, medical diagnostic kits as well as food supplements and infant foods production.


Imports on galvanized wire, will attract 10% duty, a rise from 0% in order to caution local manufactures.



Education has received Kes 233.1 billion, Kes 118.7 billion being for teachers salary and recruitment of 10,000 teachers; Kes 8.1 billion for developing universities, Kes 480 million for school computer program, Kes 1.6 billion goes to early childhood education that will also entail employing ECD teachers, Kes 1.96 billion for classes and facilities in schools, Kes 11.1 billion has been set aside for bursary for secondary schools needy pupils, Kes 19.7 billion for free day secondary education. Kes 300 million will be used for sanitary ware for needy girls.



Security gets Kes 83.5 billion for both external and internal security;

  • A total Kes 69.5 billion is for internal security
  • Kes 1.4 billion will purchase police cars
  • Kes 2.4 billion will go to recruit 3500 police.
  • Kes 300 million for national police commission
  • The efforts of security forces in Somalia will also be supported.

Social and Welfare

Orphans have been allocated Kes 4.4 billion, Kes 1.1 billion for needy elderly persons in order to receive Kes 2000 per month. Kes 2.1 billion for school feeding program in arid and semi-arid, Kes 2  billion for famine relief, Kes 929 Million for cash transfers for urban poor, Kes 3.42 billion for severely disabled.


2013 General Elections

The forthcoming general election 2013 have been allocated Kes 17.5 billion with a request for the IEBC to work smarter and effectively within the allocation for a free and fare election.



Health sector has an allocation of 85 billion to go towards employing 5200 health workers, for medical supplies e.g. Malaria, ARVs, 2nd phase of allowance for health workers and eradicating preventable diseases at the county level.


Drugs and Alcohol

There is an allocation of Kes 1 billion to NACADA to enforce the Alcohol, bill “Mututho Laws”.


Youth Development Fund, 550 million,


Women development fund 450 million.


Infrastructure received 268 billion, roads gets 123.6 billion, energy 79.9 billion and a Kes 1.12 billion allocation for Nairobi city railway system.


Agriculture has Kes 8 billion to be placed on drip irrigation, Kes 1 billion for Agri business fund, Kes 1.5 billion to write off farmers debts. Kes 1.6 billion for strategic grain reserve, Kes 2 billion for famine relief project and Kes 5 billion contingency funds.


To finalize the resettlement of IDPs, Kes 1.8 billion has been allocated.


The national assemble has Kes 17 billion while judiciary receives Kes 15.4 billion, a double from last year’s allocation.


Devolution to county government has Kes 148 billion, with Kes 3 billion going to the equalization fund.



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